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"The name Constant Change is more than just a stage name for me. 
It is a constant reminder that the quality of my life depends on the relationship I make with change."
Constant Change
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Constant's New Song Release
Spend The Night

Constant recently produced and recorded her own version of
Spend The Night, a song she wrote in the 90's for Earth Wind & Fire.  
Earth, Wind & Fire released it as a single from their Millenium album, and it made Billlboard's top 40.
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Constant Change
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He'll Do It Again
Been Through Enough
I Am Not Ashamed
Spend The Night
Get Spend The Night
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PERFORMING Friday, AUGUST 28 @ 6pm & 8pm
Constant will be performing again at Picasso's Jazz Club on Friday night, August 28 with saxophonist, Chuck Schwartz and percussionist, Vernon Porter.   Two shows and the first show starts at 6pm.  The second show begins at 8:00pm. 

Reservations are required so contact Brad or call (850) 433-4507 to book your reservations. 
PERFORMING Saturday, September 12, 2015   7:30 - 10:30 pm
Constant Change Performs with Saxophonist, Chuck Schwartz
Vine Wine Bar in Navarre
Come join us for great wine and music !!!